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Glockengießerei - Heimathaus

The old bell foundry was built in 1385. It is located in a beautifully constructed house which once was home to craftsmen. In the same building, there is also an ancient bakery from the second half ...

Herzogsburg - Bezirksmuseum Braunau am Inn

The Herzogsburg is Braunau’s main museum. It informs its visitors about the turbulent and interesting history of our town. Big charts tell of stunning discoveries which even date back to ...

Medieval Bathhouse “Vorderbad”

The public bathhouse was first mentioned in 1592, but it was probably in use for much longer. It is situated along the “Stadtbach”, a small creek running all through town, from which it also got ...

The parish church of St. Stephan

Over a long time the gothic church that now dominates the old town had a special significance for the region’s craftsmen who were organized in guilds, called “Zünfte”, according to their ...

Bürgerspitalkirche “Holy Ghost”

This jewel of late Gothic architecture was constructed together with a hospital complex for the town's underprivileged people in the 15th century (hence the name “Bürgerspital” which translates ...

Capuchin church

Approximately a hundred years after the closure of their monastery in Theatre Alley, the Capuchin monks returned to Braunau and in 1893 they built a new church and monastery along today’s ring road ...

Saint Francis Church

The rather modern church complex is the spiritual heart of Braunau’s new town. It was consecrated in 1976 and redesigned in 2003.

Church of Maria Königin in Höft

This small church in Höft, one of Braunau’s suburbs, was built in the difficult years after the war, between 1947 1nd 1950. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary. Tight financial means and a great deal ...

The pilgrim church of St. Valentine’s in Haselbach

The church of St. Valentine’s was a popular pilgrim’s church for the former Augustinian monastery at Ranshofen. Essentially the building was founded in the 15th century and the sacristy was built ...

The parish church of St. Pankratius in Ranshofen

Today’s parish church of St. Pankratius was a collegiate church until the disbanding of the Augustinian monastery in 1811. The church was constructed in late gothic style at beginning of the 16th ...

Evangelical Church „Dankbarkeitskirche“

The building that is now home to the evangelical “Dankbarkeitskirche” was originally the granary of the former Capuchin monastery in Theatre Alley. In 1866 it was converted into an evangelical ...

Cemetery chapel St. Martin – war memorial

The former cemetery chapel next to Braunau’s parish church of St Stephan was secularized at the end of the 18th century on orders of Emperor Joseph II. Its spire was destroyed, but the gothic crypt ...

Chapel„Herrgott im Thal“

The chapel „Herrgott im Thal“ (Our Lord in the Valley) is situated on the left side of the old “Lanner” mill. This used to be the site of a healing mineral spring. According to legend, a ...

Chapel of St. Valentine

A spring called “Augenbründel” is situated near the pilgrim church of St. Valentine in Haselbach. This spring is one of the oldest water sanctuaries in our country. Here the holy Bishop ...

Chapel of St.Nepomuk

The baroque Nepmuk-chapel is situated on the stone bridge across the so called “dyer’s ditch”. It was built in 1740. After WW2, a pedestrian crossing from the centre to the “Salzburger ...
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