Medieval Bathhouse “Vorderbad”

The public bathhouse was first mentioned in 1592, but it was probably in use for much longer. It is situated along the “Stadtbach”, a small creek running all through town, from which it also got its water. In the Middle Ages, three facilities of this kind were in use in the town. The well-preserved Medieval Bathhouse is unique to Austria, in the whole of Europe there are only two other comparable sites (Crailsheim and Wangen, both in Germany). Inside the museum you are informed about the bathhouse’s history by audio-stations and wall charts while making your individual tour through this special museum.

The self-guided tour takes approximately 30 minutes.

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Adults: € 2,00, Children (older than 6 years) € 1,00
CombiTicket „Herzogsburg-Bathhouse – Bell Foundry“
Adults: € 4,30
Elderly Persons (min. 20 people) € 3,70
Children (over 6) € 2,70
Groups bigger than 20 people € 3,80

Vorderbad - Mittelalterliche Badestube
Färbergasse 13
5280 Braunau, Austria

Tel.: +43(7722) 808 231
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