On the 26th of August 1806 Johann Phillip Palm, a bookseller from Nürnberg, was shot in Braunau on Napoleon’s orders by French soldiers because of his text “Germany in deepest shame”. The Palmpark is named after him and was created in 1860, originally as a vegetable garden of the adjoining “Holy Ghost” hospital. In 1866 a monument for Johann Philip Palm was erected. Today the monument is located at the heart of the small park, under old trees and in the middle of flowerbeds.

Other memorials for Palm:
At that point where Johann Philip Palm was shot, an obelisk with a bronze bust of Palm was erected in memory of his brave opposition. The obelisk is situated at the “Palmweg”, only a few minutes from the town center. Johann Philip Palm was buried at the cemetery of Braunau. Nowadays the town council Braunau takes care of his tomb.

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