Ranshofen is situated 4 km south of Braunau and is officially part of Braunau, although it has its own, striving village life and identity. The first time it was mentioned in the year 788 as the site of a royal palace.

Charlemagne officially turned Ranshofen into a royal palace and emperor Arnulf, the last ruler of the Karolingers, built a royal chapel here in 898. Emperor Henry II founded the parish of Ranshofen in 1030 and built the first parish church. The growing community of priests was the foundation for the Augustine monastery, which was created under the Bavarian emperor Henry IX in 1125.  The royal palace was finally turned into a monastery and a new church was built. During the War of Succession of the “Landshuter” (1504/05) the church and monastery were badly damaged. In the first half of the 17 century new buildings were added and for a long time the monastery was the heart of Ranshofen.

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