European Nature Reserve

The European nature reserve “Unterer Inn“ is one of the most important habitats for waterfowls and other birds. It does not only serve as a breeding place but also as a popular resting place for many migratory birds on their way across Europe. Situated on both sides of the river Inn, it extends across the Bavarian border on a total length of 55 km, right from the mouth of the Salzach river near the village of Haiming up to Neuhaus / Schärding. The clear water, mud banks and little islands cover a total area of around 5500 hectares. In this gorgeous nature reserve and bird sanctuary, the pristine lowland forests and the untouched landscape are home to many rare birds, plants and animals, such as the beaver. A great way to explore the reserve is from the river. Canoe trips are offered and organized by Aumayr Canoe.

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