Bürgerspitalkirche “Holy Ghost”

Bürgerspitalkirche Heiliger Geist

This jewel of late Gothic architecture was constructed together with a hospital complex for the town's underprivileged people in the 15th century (hence the name “Bürgerspital” which translates as “people’s hospital”). Through a window the sick could follow the priest’s sermon from their beds. The builder of the church is very likely to be found among the followers of the famous Hans von Burghausen. The church has very high, spike-closed windows, a number of prominent buttresses and an impressively high roof. In its interior you can admire the beautifully constructed rib vaults, which you can find in many churches around Braunau and also all across Bavaria.

The altars were desigend by the baroque artist Sebastian Högenauer in the 17th century. Johannes Froschauer added the two valuable altar paintings: "The Descent of the Holy Spirit" and the "Ascension of Christ".

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