Chapel of St. Valentine


A spring called “Augenbründel” is situated near the pilgrim church of St. Valentine in Haselbach. This spring is one of the oldest water sanctuaries in our country. Here the holy Bishop Valentine supposedly took a rest from one of his journeys in the 8th century. A legend says that the spring arose that day, for his enjoyment and relaxation. Today, you can still see the spring hole covered with iron grating. The saint was called here by devout prayers to help with eye and head pain, which is where the “Augenbründl” (eye fountain) got its name from. Right next to the spring, priest Dominik Fedler built the “Bründl”-chapel in 1902.  In 2011 the Augenbründl and a 300m ² area around the Bründl were redesigned by members of the village renewal club of Haselbach in over 400 hours of voluntary work.
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