The pilgrim church of St. Valentine’s in Haselbach

The church of St. Valentine’s was a popular pilgrim’s church for the former Augustinian monastery at Ranshofen. Essentially the building was founded in the 15th century and the sacristy was built in the 17th century.

The strict Gothic construction of the outside contrasts the friendly, colorful baroque interior. The famous artist Martin Heigl designed the stuccos in the vaults and the frescoes which show the legend of St. Valentine. Various illusionary paintings add to the impression of even more stuccos on the inside walls.

The baroque high altar is the work of Hans Waldenburger. Philipp Ruckerpaur from Sarleinsbach created the altar piece “Valentine blessing the sick”. At the top of the painting you can find the coat of arms of the former Augustinian monastery. The 8 paintings of legends that date back to the second half of the 17th century are of special historical interest. Every picture tells another story of the life and works of St. Valentine. At the same time, the unknown artist has included scenes about life in and around town in the background.
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