Nature Trails

Tree Nature Trail

Pinetree or fir?

If you feel like knowing more about trees, our tree trail will answer your questions. At the same time it leads you through our beautiful riverside woodlands where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. 
Stadtamt Braunau
Stadtplatz 38
5280 Braunau, Austria
Tel.: +43(7722) 8080

Hortus garden

At this show-orchard families can find out more about the cultivation of fruit and wine.

The breeding of fruits and garden plants over several hundred years are of a cultural and ecological value beyond reclaim. The biodiversity of cultivated and wild plants as well as different species of animals is as important as any other part of our culture like churches, castles, and traditional food and drinks like "Bratl" and "Most". They are part of our heritage and our regional identity.
It is on us to preserve this ecological and cultural treasure and pass it on to the next generation. The association takes the responsibility to preserve and support the wild plants and species of animals.
Tasks and targets of the association:
The association "Hortus" does not want to make profit:
  • the preservation of the diversity of species (fruit and garden plants), breeding of different species of animals (according to ecological point of view).
  • raising of people´ s awareness of the importance as well as
  • the preservation and guidance of constitutions and areas in which these plants and animals can be found.
The area of the "Hortus"-garden is about 1 hectare and is located at a meadow which belonged originally to the Castle of Ranshofen (Schloss Ranshofen).

A path with 5 big illustrated charts guides the visitors around the garden; you will find everything worth knowing about our association, as well as everything about fruit-growing and wine growing there.
Opening Hours
April to October daily from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Mr. Günter Linecker Stadtamt Braunau
Stadtplatz 38
5280 Braunau, Austria
Tel.: +43(7722) 808340

The Path of the Senses

Experience Braunau’s riverside woodlands with all your senses!

On a length of 1.8 kilometers this path invites you to use all your senses and find out what you are able to do with them. The path was designed and created by the Scouts, who also offer a quiz about it on their homepage.
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