Pilgrim's path VIA NOVA

"VIA NOVA" -European pilgrim´s path (area around the city of Braunau; approx. 17,5 km)

We follow the yellow sentinel and pass by some idyllic one family houses. The path continues and we stop at the pilgrimage church "St. Valentin". We have a beautiful view at the "Stechlweiher" (pond); we continue our walk along the "Haselbacher Gehweg" (footpath) along the "Stadtbach" (stream) until we see the Citizen Hospitable Church on our right side. Across the road we see the Front Bath. The path stops at the "Salzburger Vorstadt". We keep to the right and enter the city square, walk trough the Gate Tower and see Braunau´s city square, which is one of the most beautiful of the "Inn-Salzach"-towns. At the end of the J.-Fischer alley, you will find the Bell-Foundry (14th cent.). We pass the local heritage museum and the "Duke´s Castle", the former garner of the duke and have a beautiful sight at Braunau´s Parish Church "St. Stephan", a mighty pseudo basilica (15th cent). Following the sentinel we reach the "Augenbründl" (small fountain)- which was said to have healing water in the past. We pass the 300 year old lime. We march on a footpath past the Water Tower to the park of the convent garden in Ranshofen. Finally we see the parish church "St. Pankratius" at the right hand side. The path continues and goes by the taverns "Gasthaus Gierlinger" and "Gasthaus Putscher". There we turn left to a foot path, which goes along the Inn-dam to Ratzl Castle ("Ratzelburg).
Verein "Europäischer Pilgerweg - VIA NOVA"
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