Shopping & Markets

From small individual shops to large shopping centers – those who want to go on a spending spree in Braunau will definitely find a place to do so. Parking spaces are available in the town center, so you do not have to carry your purchases around. The two shopping centers on the outskirts of town, City Center and Inn Park, also offer many shops and good parking facilities.

Weekly Market

Every Wednesday morning Braunau’s town square turns into a colorful marketplace, where food, plants, wool products and much more is offered. Visitors and locals enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the high-quality products, stroll along the streets and meet for a morning coffee in one of the bustling cafes and restaurants around the town square.

Every Wednesday from 7am to 12am.

Farmer’s Market

Every Friday from 12 to 4 pm, regional products and specialties are sold at the Festhalle Braunau. Farmers and producers from the area offer a broad variety of meat, cheese, vegetables, bread, fruit and also freshly prepared food that can be enjoyed directly at the market.

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