Great fishing is possible on many different sites around Braunau. Just inform yourself and enjoy some unspoilt nature while waiting for your next catch!

Fishing "Inn-Braunau"

The fishing area "Inn-Braunau" is well known for its biodiversity of fish, although many species have to be protected.

This fishing area is spreading from Braunau to Ried. It includes the following waters:
  • The Inn from the estuary of the river Salzach to the estuary of the river Antiese and its backwaters
  • The Enknach
  • Several quarry ponds in Mühlheim and Mining.
  • Small streams and rivers.
  • Private ponds and fish farms
All in all, there are about 160 independent "Fischereirechte" at the fishing area Inn-Braunau.

The most popular fishin areas are along the city wall, near the "Enknachmündung" (the estuary of the river Enknach). Here you will find breams and trouts.

If you are a very patient person and spend a lot of time there, you may as well catch a luce.
Obere Hofmark 20b
5282 Ranshofen, Austria

Tel.: +43(7722) 68741

Fly-fishing on the river Mattig

Only a small number of day-tickets available!
Mr. Hauser
Salzburger Straße 5
5280 Braunau, Austria

Tel.: +43(7722) 62909
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